Sabrina Sharp

Sabrina is a certified military relocation professional. Growing up in a military family, she understands the stresses involved with frequent relocation and has a good understanding to assist families with assessing whether renting or purchasing is a better fit for their lifestyle, while devoting the time required to find a new home on short notice. In the past 9+ years Sabrina has assisted top producing agents nationwide close over 2,400 transactions, catapulting her experience above the average agent. She is also a certified home buyer education instructor and knowledgeable with down payment assistance programs available for home buyers. Her high volume experience has allowed Sabrina to anticipate potential issues, and work proactively to minimize unexpected closing delays. She is an active community member who enjoys giving back to the community with various donations. Sabrina serves as a member of School PTO, Nourish Pierce County volunteer, and a committee member of Communities in Schools organization, making a difference in children’s lives. Sabrina partakes in outdoor activities, and likes to explore and support local businesses. Her favorite hobby is jewelry making and crafting.

Naz Patel

With over 10 years of experience in customer relations, I’ve learned the most effective way to serve clients is by providing them with accurate, and relevant information at the right time. I’m a relentless advocate for my clients’ best interest, offering a transparent and seamless home buying experience so they can fulfill their dreams with a sense of empowerment and peace of mind. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting which helps me keep an eye on numbers and get the best value for my clients, especially in today’s competitive real-estate market. I believe open communication and trust is key to finding solutions which fit the needs of today’s homebuyer.

Renessa Strong

Renessa Strong comes from humble beginnings as a young woman growing up feeling a passion for life and a strong will for becoming successful. She opened her first business at 18 years old and instilled her hard working, out of the box marketing and tenacity to eventually buying a nightclub at the age of 26. Her income from owning businesses has made her an investor, homeowner and flipper. Her passion has always been for the community and teaching others how to create a successful life. After selling her nightclub, she became a full-time Relationship Coach helping others start over in their love life and create joy in all areas of their life from work, children, family and self-love. She hosted monthly events for over 10,000 singles in her database. During this time she was still very active in real estate and multi-family investing. Renessa has since retired from Relationship Coaching and her and her Husband Chris are Realtors and Coaches for thier Together they serve their clients in the Scottsdale and Metro Phoenix Area of Arizona and representing clients Worldwide. Renessa And Chris work with all types of clients from investors, first time home buyers to million dollar listings. Thier philanthropic goal is to reach 5,000 first generation home buyers that come from impoverished backgrounds as she did and show them how to start House Hacking and making money from owning Real Estate. When it comes to selling real estate, it is very important to have personal experience with buying and owning property as well as professional experience selling it. By far, her favorite aspect of selling real estate is developing close, long-term relationships with her clients, who, in turn, value my knowledge and seek out her expertise time and again. Since she has an extensive background in business ownership and CEO business coaching, it gives her the edge to understanding the different types of sellers and buyers personalities and best practices to negotiating to create a win-win for everyone. She works in all areas of the valley and specializes in negotiating the best price with the best service for her clients. This is more than a transaction, real estate is building a legacy whether her clients are buying your first home or tenth investment property, they are creating a financial legacy for themselves and their family. Please contact Renessa with your real estate needs whether it is selling, buying, renting, investing or just to discuss the current state of the market. I look forward to hearing from you. Experience and Specialties:

  • Over 18 Years in Business and Investing Experience
  • Communication and Negotiating Coach
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Multi-Family Investing
  • House Hacking
  • Million Dollar Listings/Purchases
  • First Generation Buyers Coach
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Community Event Host to over 1000 families in our Valley

Life is all about creating and mastering relationships in all areas of our life and the most important one is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Andy Alberts

Over 21 years combined experience working with Buyers and Sellers

  • Proven track record for successfully marketing and selling properties as well as helping buyers WIN in competitive markets.
  • Provide skilled negotiation and strong support from start to closing.
  • Recognized as industry leaders with a solid business philosophy based on integrity, gratitude and team work. Real Estate is a Profession and you should expect Professional Service!

Marianna Veress

I was a real estate investor, buyer, seller, before I became an agent. When you use a service and know so much about it, you can see where is room for improvement and if you are an entrepreneurial spirit, you will go for it. I approach real estate form the education standpoint. The more you know! My background in business and corporate sales helps me being very data-focused, also, consultation-oriented.
Since we sell buildings! my background in construction management with actual experience of building and remodeling homes and offices gives me an unparalleled advantage to most of my peers.
The cherry on the top is that I’m fully licensed and practice all real estate areas. As a residential agent I know where people want to live and what’s important to them, and as a commercial broker I know where the jobs are going and what employers are looking for, so better advise either side.
I do this advisory over dinner and drinks where I get to know you, your specific need and situation and share relevant data with you. I’m not in a hurry to sell you something, I would like to prepare you so you can make the best long-term investment decision for you. My success lays in your success.
At a certain age, we look beyond ourselves and we get the most joy and satisfaction from taking care of others. My work gives me that joy. I’m honored each time when someone lets me in and I work hard to give them so much more than what they could imagine. If this sounds good to you in your representation, please reach out to me and lets schedule a lunch/dinner and meeting and go form there!